Dear Aunty Lisa,

“My brother always masturbates in front of the small children in the family.

When we talk to him about it, he says it is healthy for him to relieve himself. Our main concern is that the children think this is a cool thing – I have seen my nephew copying him. How can we talk some sense into my brother?” – Lulu, Eastern Cape.


Aunty Lisa says:

Dear Lulu,

Your brother is committing a crime when he exposes himself and commits “indecent sexual acts” in public. He has to be stopped.

Although it is healthy for him to relieve himself in the privacy of his own space, it is illegal to do it in public. Children must be protected from this kind of sexual behaviour. It is not consensual and, after all, they are children. As you can see from your nephew’s activities, children are easily influenced by adult behaviour and that is why adults have a responsibility to practise healthy sexual behaviour. Refer your brother to Planned Parenthood Association of South Africa (PPASA). He should call 021 938 0911 and a professional counsellor will talk to him about his sexuality.

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