Okay, let’s just say when I’m on my period I’m extremely horny at times like I’m never as horny as I am on my period. So trust me it feels good for the girl, unless she has cramping of course, but for the guy it’s honestly up to him. I doubt he’ll even care if it’s messy because he’s the one agreeing to it when he knows what a period is all about. It’s not like it’s going to look like a murder scene it’ll just get a little messy for the boy. As long as you both are mature and know what you’re going to be seeing and wearing a condom then you’re fine.


Good god, it’s a bit of blood. We all have about 5 litres of the stuff circulating around in us, so it’s not a big deal.

Some women are not even remotely interested in sex during their period, and for other girls that’s when they’re at their horniest. Since no two females are wired exactly the same, it depends entirely on which girl.

Younger guys and certain religious fanatics are usually terrified of menstrual blood, as if it’s some sort of mysterious and forbidden substance, but most men aren’t offended by it. Most guys wouldn’t do oral on a girl during that time, for the obvious reasons, but sex is usually no problem if the girl is up for it.

Most guys don’t like the mess. AND it’s unhealthy. That’s when diseases are most easily passed.

Some girls say sex on their period is more irritating. Others may like the sensation. It’s a personal matter. As for what one guy likes (me – myself) I don’t care for the dirtiness of it. But then other guys like the pooper and all the brown stink that goes with it. Again, it’s not something I like (personally speaking)

Hope this helps.

I’m a guy and my ex would get really frustrated, when I asked if it was just because of the pain she’d say “No, I really want to have sex, but we can’t.” and then crossed her arms in a huff. I said “Well I don’t mind, get a towel and we’ll go for it.” So we did, and there wasn’t much blood. I used a baby wipe to clean up as much of it as I could beforehand and then just slid in. Cleaned up with baby wipes and a shower afterwards. No problem. I didn’t care. If the guy is squeamish well that’s another story.

Everyone is different. I’ll agree it’s a little bit gross but I dated a guy for 3 years and me and him were very very close. I guess we just trust each other enough and we’re always aware of how clean we were so he didn’t mind. Most of the time we did it in the shower anyways. I guess if you find the right guy things like that won’t matter but everybody is different always keep that in mind. Will I ever do it again now that I’m single? probably not Lol.

As a guy, I’ve done it with a girl before and I just had her keep a wash basin near by and she’d wash me off when we were finished. We were quite careful and used multiple forms of birth control when we did it. As for her she would tell me how much more intense the sensations were and if she was cramped up, it’d naturally relieve those cramps as it appears orgasm released the tenseness of her inner muscles. It didn’t bother me to make my girl feel great then or any other time she wanted to feel nice.

Anyone who has an active sex life has had a girl begin her period while having sex at one time or another. It can be a little shocking at first, but that’s what showers are for. Its not a big deal.

It’s not disgusting at all. I’ve had sex with a couple menstruating women. It’s no big deal.
They were very self conscious so I had to get them to relax. After going down on them and letting them know that it’s sexy for me to eat them on their period they were okay.
*Also the menstrual fluid is excellent lube*

I’m a girl and It’s amazing, it’s like all the natural lube you ever could need. I like getting down and dirty, so if that isn’t for you or your partner then I wouldn’t try it, its a mess. Idk what it’s like from the guys perspective. I would assume it would feel the same as using lube, he would just have to not be disgusted by it.

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