Dear Aunty Lisa,

I’m 19 so why am I not getting pregnant yet. I’ve been trying since 17. I’m financially stable so please don’t judge me.?

Its really in my heart to have a baby. Everybody around me is getting pregnant and I’m so jealous because I’ve never had anything or never felt loved and iknow its a big responsiblity but the agony hurts.

I do my ovulation test strips every day and have sex on those days. I chart my basal body temp & check my cervical mucous bit nothing. Then I look up and my sister is pregnant & I’ve been trying more than enough not to harsh though.

I have sex a day before ovulation, on ovulation and a day after so why is it not working. My mom wants me to have a baby so bad for what ever reason I don’t know why & she thinks its easy but if only she knew I have been trying for 2½ years.

Over the past 2 and have years I have had sex with nearly 10 different men but they have all failed to impregnate me. Now I’m so worried.

What are your thoughts? Any tips?

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