Dear Aunty Lisa,

I really didn’t want to share my story with your community members because they insult a lot instead of feeling sorry for people facing various problems. However, my issue keeps haunting me such that I have decided to just face the full wrath of your fans.

I’m 20 years old and my girlfriend is also aged 20. I have never had sex with her because we are waiting for our marriage (we’re both virgins). Meanwhile, she is starting to show signs of being pregnant.

She says that a ghost came into her room and raped her while she was half asleep, and she thinks that it’s the ghost that impregnated her because the ghost didn’t use any condom. Will she have a normal human baby, a ghost baby, or will it be half human/half ghost?

Also, how do I stop a ghost from raping her again? Others may think that she is lying, but my girlfriend goes to church every Sunday and she always tells me that she doesn’t lie, so it’s not possible that she was raped by a person.

Also, her stepfatheris always home and awake at night, and he definitely would have noticed someone sneaking in through the door if it wasn’t a ghost for real. And she lives on the second floor, so nobody could’ve snuck into her window other than a ghost.

What should I do Aunty Lisa, because I’m really worried that a ghost raped my wife to be and I don’t want to get stressed with this issue. What can I do to show her that I still love her even after the rape ordeal.

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