Dear Aunty Lisa, I’m 16 years old and I am someone who really loves ‘eating’ and sucking men’s pen!ses. However last night something really got me thinking, and I decided to ask you this question.

When men are pooping in toilet where will their pen!s be? In the toilet bowl? or next to the poophole or it will be immersed in toilet water?

Loice: They hold it

Mary: It will be immersed in toilet water

Joice: Shit, sucking a pen!s that’s been in contact with an as*hole

Loice: I’m told they wash it thereafter

Mary: From the day I first thought about it I have never allowed any pen!s into my mouth again

Judith: Eat those who eat you kikikiki

Grace: Even myself, I used to suck my guy’s pen!s, but not anymore, that’s like eating poop

Jestina: If your man has a long pen!s then his anaconda will be in water whenever he is pooping. But if it’s short then it wont touch the toilet water.

Heather: I can imagine the pen!s resting in toilet water, Mmmm I’ll never eat that shit again.

Casandra: Well I still give my man a blowjob, but I make sure I thoroughly wash it before the eating business lol

Anonymous: Even if it’s cleaned with Handy Andy or Sunlight Liquid, I’ll never such a man’s pen!s ever again in my entire life.

Christina: Kikikikiki, guys, don’t you also poo?

Heather: We do poo as well, but not with the vag!na hahahaha

Dineo: Some men say they never suck a vag!na that has given birth before, so we also don’t suck pen!ses that have hanged in toilet bowls kikikiki

Sipho: As the poo will be coming out, the pen!s will be getting contact with the poo, I’m telling you.

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