Hi Aunt Lisa.
My VAG!NA tastes and smells bad. It’s not like a fishy smell, but it’s an “off” smell. I also have a weird white clumpy discharge when I have sex. I went to the gyno, and everything was fine, but I am wondering why my VAG!NA is experiencing this. The problem has stayed the same throughout.

I have a bad diet. It’s kind of embarrassing and it gives me anxiety. I would prefer not to send a picture, but if needs be I could. Please let me know.

By the way I’m 15 years old and in my entire life I’ve only had sex with just 4 guys. The fifth one failed to insert his small dick, so I ended up chucking him off our house.

All the 4 guys I had sex with confirmed that my VAG!NA tastes bad. Please help me aunty, what should I do? will I get a good man and get married and live happily ever after? Will I also get pregnant if my VAG!NA tastes bas and smell horrible?

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