Hello Aunt Lisa

I have had sex with so many men and now my vagina is too wide. Every guy that I have been with says my vagina is huge. I must admit I do enjoy the one nights stands but I’m 39 now and met this guy I really like.

My new boyfriend jokes about how big my punani is and how he “can fit his fist in there” I can understand how he finds it funny because I used to at the start but now it’s really starting to upset me. What can I do to make it smaller?


From Dr Ruth:
There are three things you can do to tighten your vagina. The first is to abstain from sex. When you abstain from sex, it gives your muscles a chance to tighten, because they aren’t being stretched. The less you extend those muscles, the tighter they will get. This is not the most affective way to tighten a vagina, but it does work.

The second technique is to perform routine Kegel exercises. There are muscles inside your vagina, called pelvic floor muscles, and like any other muscle, they strengthen when you exercise. Basically, you tighten your vaginal muscles then release them. There are many books and websites that explain this process in detail. This technique has been used by millions of women after childbirth to tighten their vagina. There are also Kegel exercisers, which are insertable devices, that you tighten around. Any sex toy will work, but these devices are specially shaped to match your muscles.

The third technique is called vaginal rejuvenation. Vaginal Rejuvenation is a cosmetic surgery procedure, that tightens your vagina. This procedure is very effective, but, like any other surgical procedure, there are risks. If you’re interested in learning more about vaginal rejuvenation, you can consult a physician.

If this guy is teasing you, then perhaps he’s not the right man for you. Teasing a woman about her vagina seems really cruel. You deserve better than that. Its good to improve yourself, but you shouldn’t have to change for someone else. You have options, just make sure you’re doing this for the right reasons.

From Charmaine:
See a doctor. The same thing that’s done commonly in births especially for smaller women can be done to you which is make an incision and then sew it up a bit tighter. Other then that not much else.

From Robert:
Invent a time machine, go back in time, and stop being a slut? Seriously, with comments like “every guy I’ve been with”…. How many is it now, 27? You’re tore up. You need a plastic surgeon to botox that shizz.

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