I’ve been with my partner for just over two years. We’ve had our ups and downs, like most couples. But our ‘downs’ are mainly due to his Facebook searches!! We’ve just booked our wedding for next June, and we’re currently undergoing fertility investigations, as we’ve been trying for a baby. My life was pretty settled and mapped out.

We broke up for a few months beginning of the year. We were going through a rough patch, he had called me by his ex’s name, twice! Just after we’d moved in together! Instead of talking to me about what was wrong with us, he was searching for his ex girlfriend. He wasn’t on Facebook at the time, but he was using every social media platform available to find her. I know, because I snooped.

We broke up, then got back together a few months later.

I snooped on his phone again. He’d meet her whilst we weren’t together. Declared how his feelings hadn’t changed, and how his heart still skipped a beat when she was around. Long story short, they didn’t get together. I don’t think she was interested.

We got back together.

I was blissfully happy, until he went to show me something on Facebook, and who’s in his search bar!! Her!!!!!!!

What do I do!? I can’t say anything, cos I snooped. But this is eating at me! We’re meant to be getting married, trying for a child, why is he searching for her again!!? He’s assured me he loves me, only wants me! What’s going on!

Someone please help me understand what this is.

I cannot do this again!

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