My bf and I have been together a couple years now; we live together. We are very open with each other about sexual fantasies, likes and dislikes, etc. I still don’t tell him the extent of my bdsm liking, but that would be obvious through my p0rn choice.

Last night he initiated s3x in a way that he has never done before. He spent almost half an hour tying me up to the bed with scarves (all we have) and spanking me. I think he was surprising himself with how much he liked being dominant. After he ate me out for 15 minutes and I already came once throughout this, we then had s3x. He started talking dirty to me and I INSTANTLY recognized where he learned this from: a s3x and submission kink video I had watched about a week ago.

It was the best s3x we have ever had. I should be mad at him for going through my phone, but after asking him about it he tried to sheepishly lie and couldn’t. He was trying to see what I am buying him for Christmas but came across that instead!


As a man it’s one of the most aggravating things when you find out your partner has things sexually she wants to do and never tells you.

Please women I implore you! Tell your man exactly what you’re into and what you want to do. Most guys would totally be into everything. It’s a total turn-on to hear it.

Mr nice
My wife always says you know what I like & it drives me nuts. Then when I try something new to see if she might like it, it makes me feel like a pervert.


Make sure you trust your partner enough with that. This should have been my red flag but my ex marked a few boxes she wasn’t interested in as interested just to see if I was into it. She didn’t ridicule me or anything. I just thought it was fucked up. Should have left her right then and there.

It’s still a great way to find things you’re both into though.

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