My previous partner bought me iPhone 6s.

We broke up and now he wants to get the phone back otherwise the police will be called.

What should I do?



A lot of people seem to be suggesting destroying the phone and then giving it back to him. I strongly discourage that. You would be a) acknowledging that he owns it and has a right to it and b) then destroying what you’ve now admitted is his property.

I was in a similar situation awhile back. I bought my girlfriend an iPhone and we split the cost of an iPad. When we broke up, I recognized that the iPhone was a gift. I asked her to pay for my half of the iPad (she never did).

Bottom line is, unless he can prove that the phone was not a gift and that he was only letting you use it, he’s got a tough road ahead. The police are going to laugh at him. This isn’t criminal; you didn’t steal his property. At best, this is a civil matter and he could take you to small claims court. So he’s either ignorant or bluffing.

If he’s bluffing, call his bluff. The police won’t do anything and might tell him to file a claim with small claims court. If that happens, wait for the summons, go to court, and argue that he gave it to you as a gift. You have a pretty good chance of winning that unless he has some kind of evidence that it wasn’t a gift.
If he’s ignorant, ignore him. He’ll call the police and they’ll laugh and tell him to work it out.

Either way, don’t destroy the phone and don’t give it back to him. He’s going to be hard pressed to prove it wasn’t a gift. Keep the phone and wait for him to actually do something tangible.

If you don’t want to wait around, sell the phone and use the money to buy your own phone. He can still take you to court, but you can say you thought it was a gift and you wanted to upgrade.

Give it back.

Why would you want to use something which has such memories associated with it? Don’t let him drag police into this. I understand it’s a gift from him and all. But think about it this way, if he did really ever wanted you to have it, why is he expecting it back? Somewhere deep inside he was letting you use something that belonged to him and not give it to you entirely. So it is like a chocolate that a child never wanted to share. Give it back, if that brings him peace, and in turn to you too.


I had a hard time imagining how the police would be called…

“Officer, I’d like to report a crime, my girlfriend and I broke up, and she wouldn’t return the iPhone I bought her a while back. I want my iPhone back from that ungrateful bitch! She doesn’t deserve it!”

And I imagine the police would ask him to leave and perhaps even advice him stop being an a$$hat.

You could just ignore him. delete his phone number, block him on facebook. Just completely remove him from your life. If he’s pestering you about the cellphone, you can tell him that you will file for a restraining order.

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