I’ve recently come into a lot of money and I haven’t told anyone I know. I feel that telling my friends and family that I’ve gotten so much money will change how they act towards me. I’ve been trying to hold it in and prevent anyone from finding out, but it’s starting to make me stressed out. They’ve noticed I bought a new car and rented a nicer place so I’ve told them that I got a raise, but anyone who does the math will find that untrue. They complainig on occasion about their finances, so it feels risky to tell them of my situation. I’ve read so many stories of people who change after they become rich, so I want to keep my current friends so I can stay grounded and humble.

I hate my job and I no longer need to work, but I’m so afraid of quitting my job since it’ll only make it more obvious that I’ve more money than I’ve lead them to believe. Obviously I need to quit eventually, but I don’t know how to cope with the outcome with coworkers, friends, and family. I’m also single, so I’m starting to worry that my money will make it harder to find someone who truly loves me and not my wallet. I almost wish this never happened because now I feel more alone than ever since I don’t know if I can trust anyone knowing I’m rich.

Is there any sort of job I can pretend to have that I could “work from home” without drawing suspicion? Something worth quitting my job for? Or is it better to just tell them and risk the outcome? If so, how do I tell them?

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