Why do guys look at pictures of half nak3d girls then look at their girlfriend picture as well ? What’s the difference if Any please help!


I cannot speak for all guys, but guys in general are said to be very visually stimulated creatures. That’s why things like p o r n are made the way they are, with various camera angles and actors/actresses in impractical positions that no normal person would be in when they engage in s3x. So why do guys look at the pictures?

It could be they are turned on by it. It could be that they are trying to imagine their girlfriend in a similar state of dress (which is a little creepy I know). It could also be them comparing the two and thinking to themselves which they think is more “hot” or “attractive” – sort of like the controversial hot-or-not webpages that features pictures of (mostly girls) being compared to each other purely on appearance and one’s perception of beauty. Even potentially worse still is that the guy doesn’t find the girlfriend attractive to his tastes, and is trying to create a fantasy for the next time he sleeps with his girlfriend that he then tries to imagine he is sleeping with the fantasy instead. It can get pretty twisted, but unless the guy in question says, it’s all speculation.


People are being too strict. Guys look at girls br3asts, a s s. Period. If someone says, no, he’s lying straightaway.

But shouldn’t be taken seriously as long as it isn’t affecting your personal life.

When I go out there, I’ll check girls out. But that doesn’t mean I am thinking of cheating. It was just there, I saw, then moved away. That’s it.

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