Dear Readers

This is something that has been heavy on my mind for a couple of weeks now. I,m a 44 year old single mother (divorced) and I have two daughters. One is living with me still.

She has been dating a boy for 18 months now and he has been coming over regularly more recently. I have enforced strict rules with my daughter that there is to be no sx while under my roof and so far they have been good kids in that respect.

It was one day when he came over and my daughter was out, delayed for longer than she had expected and I am not sure if he received the same text message from her that I had, telling me that she wasn,t going to be home for dinner. Sometimes I fantasize that he had and that,s why he was there.

When I realised it was him at the door I told him she wouldn,t be home for a while, but he insisted on coming in and waiting for her even though we didn,t know when she,d be back. Since it was a Friday, and coming up to a long weekend, I invited him in and we started drinking and talking.

We talked about the mundane things like the weather and his studies, and then the conversation turned to my daughter. By now we,d had a few drinks to loosen our tongues but lucid enough to know what we were talking about and he told me that he had always wondered what it would be like having me.

I was taken aback by this, of course, because this is my daughter,s boyfriend, not someone I had thought was available for me to look at and even consider let alone think of things like that.

To make a long story short we then had s#x. I won,t go into details of course but he made me feel amazing. I envy my daughter for having such romps with him!

My dilemma now is that I don,t know whether to tell my daughter or not. I expected her boyfriend to confess, but it seems to be a matter of keeping her in the dark as far as he,s concerned. He told me he doesn,t regret what we did that day, but he loves my daughter and doesn,t want to break her heart. She sees him as her perfect partner and he adores her.

I don,t know whether to forgive and forget his one little indiscretion with me. I feel guilty about it but I have watched them grow and learn together over the years they have been together, and it,s beautiful and touching and I don,t want to take that away from her. There is no tension between any of us since that time. In fact it feels like there,s completely no tension now, like her boyfriend has finally put to rest any lingering thoughts of inf1delity.

He made me feel amazing for a short moment out of time and made me feel attractive and s#xual again, and knowing that he can do that for my daughter for the rest of her life puts my mind at ease and makes me a little jealous as well.

Hoping you can help me figure this one out.

Torn Mother.

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