Should I run?

I’m hiv negative and the guy I’m seeing is positive. He has dated long distance in all of his previous relationships and every last one of them ended due to cheating. He blamed his most recent breakup on his ex saying that she was cheating and how she would always think he was cheating when he was out of town for work. Turns out he was actually cheating. What is really scary is that prior to him being diagnosed he was having s3x with a lot of younger women some twenty years younger than them and possibly spreading hiv to them not knowing he had it at the time. Can a man really change his ways and not cheat? Help!!



People can change, but they usually have to be absolutely forced to. I wouldn’t get involved with this guy. A history of cheating is a red flag, and I wouldn’t be eager to start an intimate relationship with someone who is HIV-positive. Just my preference. I wouldn’t take that kind of risk.

It sounds to me like he won’t ever commit to anything serious which I assume is what you are after. Some people are just like that and as another user has stated, all of those signs and behaviour he is displaying is cause to stay away at all costs. People can change but it’s highly unlikely he will anytime soon and you deserve better.

I have no idea. I don’t know him. But you should protect your own health. He might say he wants a relationship because he might sense that’s what you want to hear. But his actions scream otherwise. Steer clear. He’s not the last man on earth. RUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUN!


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