Dear Auntie, I desperately and urgently need your help, please.

I’m married to a man with 3 kids aged 19, 16 and 7. They are all girls and their mother died. The problem is that from day one they never accepted me, to the extent that they fabricate stories alleging that I’m abusing them.

They challenge me so much that we appear like we are married to the same man. I try to give them motherly love but it’s not working. We have gone to the extent of cooking separately and at times they only cook for their father and not me. This is eating me up as I wanted this to be a happy home and family.

Many people including their relatives have talked to them but to no avail. Their father says nothing as most of the time he is challenged too. The only one I get along with is the one aged 7 but most of the times she is victimised if found talking to me. I’m only happy when I’m at work but as soon as I get home I cry most of the times because of the situation. I need your help please. What should I do? Or maybe I should just end my miserable life.

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