My little sister fell pregnant last year. Her baby looks so much like our cousin.

The man who is alleged to be the father of her baby appears not to have any similarities whatsoever to my sister’s baby. My sister was also over-protective on our cousin such that she would even search for con.d0ms and letters from his girlfriends in his bedroom.

Because of this I’m suspecting that the two might have done the unbelievable act. How do I bring this concern to their attention?

Everyone at home, even our mom is also worried. What should we do to know the real father of the kid? I’m of the opinion that this might cause problems tomorrow if we just ignore it.

I once told my cousin jokingly that he looks like my sister’s baby and he went like crazy, he got so angry, and promised to impregnate me if I ever mention about it again, how weird!

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