So the other day I stumbled upon a video of a lady with a whole lot of opinion about her ideal man. She sounded like she had real anger issues…or maybe daddy issues. Her issue was that, as a man, if you are not ready to financially take responsibility of a girl, and buy things like pants, bras, shoes, makeup accessories and stuff, you are not ready to fall in love…yes, not married o…fall in love. According to her, if you didn’t have anything financial to offer to a girl you have no use except for s3x. And once again, she was even talking about dating not even marriage.

Now I know that many girls also think this way. I would just like to categorically say… you are wrong, and in my opinion, foolishy so. The truth is everybody’s free to be the kind of person that they want to be and she has made her choice. But instead of laying blames on guys that have fallen under the conditions of their society, just admit what you are… and that is a ‘gold digger’ and an ‘opportunist’…yes, I said it. I’m guessing this girl in question is more of an opportunist than any other person that I can think of and it doesn’t help that she is an Igbo. I’m not tribal, I am just trying to say it as it is. Because the truth is, we are living in a new age, whether or not you want to admit it is totally up to you. There’s no reason why a woman or girl cannot be richer than her man and still be happy and equally in love with her man. And I also see no reason why a lady cannot be in love with the man being the lesser, financially – but still give him his full respect.

In my opinion people that think a man is useless if he can’t afford to buy stuff for them at the moment are just stupid little girls who don’t want to work and don’t want to have any ‘stress’ in their lives. All they do is allow their parents waste money to pay their way through school, of which most of them dont even do well in the school and come out hoping for somebody that will continue to take care of them, to marry them and spend money on them.

The big question is; if this is their aim, why in heavens name do they need to go to school in the fist place? I mean they are still going to end up depending on a mans financial readiness to advance in life. These lazy ass females don’t want to have a job or any kind of vocation… they just want to sit around get money from their boyfriends to buy stuff make themselves look pretty, sleep, eat, shit, ‘‘sleep’’ and so on.

Now before I actually start telling you how stupid you are for thinking this way, wether or not you are doing so in respect to marriage or just dating, let me actually just first say this; no matter how you look at it, no matter the steps that you take to make sure you fall into the net of a ‘comfortable’ man or marital home, know for a fact that it’s all a risk. Basing your choice on money is astronomically and “humongously” – (no need to check the dictionary,) – stupid because money comes and goes. Many people have had everything working well for them one minute, good job, good company, great finances and in a split of a orange you are down to zero.

So my dear lazy girl, dont be stupid, marry for reasons that can be more permanent than money, and if money is so important to you try and get your own. The same way money disappears so also can money appear. Take our modern day superstars football stars and even average people on the street. Some of them came from nothing and before one can say “Jack in the bowl”, they are making millions. So how sensible is it to base your relationship decisions based on the financial status when that is as unstable as the weather?

Well… it is only my opinion I leave the rest to you.

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