No matter how close you are to your partner, there are things you shouldn’t tell them.
Even though it is good to tell your partner things about yourself, you should know where to draw the line when it comes to sharing some things.

Some things can damage your relationship and are better left unsaid or buried deep in your heart.

Don’t tell your partner these 10 things no matter how close you think you are. Your relationship might not recover.

I can’t live without you
No matter how close you are to your partner, don’t tell them you can’t live without them. If your partner drops dead now, will you die with them or insist on being buried with them? No. Your partner may have saved your life but don’t tell them you can’t live without him or her because you can. You did before and will do so after they are gone.

Insults disguised as jokes
Putting your partner down with sarcastic comments will harm your relationship. This will also leave your partner frustrated. No matter how close you are with your partner, what you may think is a joke can destroy your relationship. Tread with caution and use kind words for your partner.

Your problem is your problem alone
Just because your partner’s problem isn’t a big deal to you doesn’t mean that you should deny them your compassion and listening ear. If your partner cannot share their sorrows with you, what are you doing in his or her life?

I don’t believe in your business idea

If your partner has a business idea that you think is doomed to failure but they are genuinely excited about, don’t kill their dreams. You can make subtle comments about ways they could perhaps adjust their plans, but don’t tell them you don’t think it will work out. You might kill your relationship, along with your partner’s dreams.

I did something crazy thing when I was single

You had a threesome, or stripped nude at a party, keep it to yourself. Everybody had their wild days. Unless you have one of the most open-minded partners in the world, your partner will not want to know about this no matter how close you both are.

I know your flaws and my friends do too

You should understand that your partner is very sensitive to what your friends think of him or her. Put yourself in your partner’s shoes before telling them what your family thinks about him or her even if it would help you win an argument.

I will do anything for you
Even if you are a people-pleaser and care too much about what others think, conforming to someone else’s standards is bad in a relationship. No matter how in love or close you are with your partner, you shouldn’t lose your identity in your relationship. Most partners take advantage of this to use you for their selfish gains

I have to tell you that you sound weird during s3x

No matter how close you are, don’t kill your s3x life by telling your partner that they sound funny during s3x. How would you react if your partner told you the same thing? You shouldn’t laugh at your partner’s s3x sounds or expressions. Let them make their funny s3x noises in peace.

I want you to deal with your baggage
Unless your partner’s baggage causes fights between the two of you, you will have to stop rubbing it in their faces. If your partner comes to you, asking for guidance on how to deal with some issues they are having, help them. But don’t use it to insult or belittle them in future. The important thing is that you help them handle their baggage.

I just tolerate your friends
No matter how close you are with your partner, don’t destroy what you have with your partner because you don’t like their friends. Make your partner feel comfortable about their friends. Your relationship will be better.

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