My name is Mary, a 36-year-old banker. I work and live in Lagos. I have a problem which I hope fellow readers will help with some valuable advice.

I have been under pressure to get married by my parents, especially going by the fact that my two younger sisters are all married and fully settled with their families.

I even remember how my father warned me never to come home this Christmas if I do not come with my husband, as if I should just grab any man and drag him to the altar.

It is not that I have not been in relationships in the past but I should say I have been unlucky with love as most of the men I have dated are always after my money and body and once they have had their fill, they simply move on.

It was in my quest for a solution to my single life that led me to a church and the pastor told me plainly that I need to dedicate myself to Jesus Christ, turn away from sins, especially sexual sins so that he would bring my own husband.

I became a born again Christian and I have been living a celibate life in the past one year. I met Peter at a friend’s wedding and we started dating. Right from the word go, I told him the relationship would be devoid of s3x until we got married since he also said he wanted to marry me.

I introduced him to our pastor who prayed over it and told me he would be a good husband. I called my parents and intimated them that I was going to bring my fiance home anytime soon and they were happy for me.

But the spanner in the works is that Peter has given me an ultimatum: that I must get pregnant for him before he can even introduce me to his family. And that means we must start having s3x.

I am now between a rock and a hard place. I do not want to lose him and at the same time, I do not want to break the vow I made before God that I would abstain from s3x until I get married.

Some of my friends are telling me to go ahead and get pregnant if I really want to marry Peter but won’t that make God angry with me.?

Advice Mary on what to do in this situation. Should she go ahead and get pregnant for Peter or let him go and wait for the right man?

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