I am an ardent reader of your website

Please help me out. I am like between the devil and the deep blue sea.

My name is Elinna, I would want my surname to remain anonymous for obvious reason. I am from Plateau State. Still in my mid 20s

I have been dating this guy for five years now and I would love to spend the rest of my life with him. He’s my kind of guy. Aside his handsomeness, he’s godly and sincere.

I just returned to the country from Ukraine where I went to complete my masters programme on ICT.

Last month, my man took me to his family house for the first time to introduce me officially to his parents and other family members as his wife-to-be.

His people were happy to see me, especially the mother. The few days I spent there, I noticed she was the kind of woman every girl would want to have as mother in-law. She’s friendly and a disciplinarian to the core.

However, the husband (my father in-law to be) is the opposite. He doesn’t laugh and he is very economical with his words.

On leaving their family house in the east, I exchanged contact with the parents and the dad promised to give me a call the following week when he gets to Jos.

On reaching Jos, he asked me to meet him at a popular hotel inside the town.

When I got there, he started asking me some funny questions about my private life.

He asked if I was still a v1rgin. I told him yes. He asked if I have kissed his son, I said yes.

He doubted and asked me to prove if I was still a v1rgin, but I told him his son would confirm to him once we are married, that I had made a covenant with my God not to give out my pride to any man other than my husband.

He insisted that he wanted to test me to be sure I was truly a v1rgin before he would approve the marriage.

He anchored his reason on the fact that he doesn’t want his son to marry a ‘spoiled girl.’

All my efforts to make him believe I am still a v1rgin were fruitless as he insisted on knowing my status or no marriage.

He tried to force me to bed but I escaped after biting his right arm.

Now, he said the possibility of my getting married to his son lies in my virginity.

I am afraid of telling my fiance (his son) this because he won’t believe me.

I am confused, I don’t want to lose my man and I don’t want to lose my pride as well.

I don’t know if this is a family set up to test my integrity or the man is up to something mischievous.
Please help me out, I’m confused.

Dear readers, your candid advise would help this bewildered girl out.

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