I am 17 years old and my boyfriend had just turned 30. When I met him, he told me that he was married. I didn’t care much about that because i only wanted his money. He told me he and his wife were not on good terms.

We met the day when I bravely waved him down asking for a ride because the sun was hot and i was thirsty. He asked if I had lunch already and invited me to tag along with him, my reply, sure.

He brought me to this nice restaurant where i ate things iv’e never had before in my entire life. One thing led to another, we had s3x. I did not even had on underwear that day.

He gave me $5,000 pocket money and dropped me off where i was headed. It all seem as if i was selling s3x at first but the way how thing happened, it felt we have been dating for years.

He called me one day and told me that he came home from work and found his wife packing; she told him that she is leaving because she has had enough.

She had secretly searched his phone and saw my number where she read some dirty s3xual jokes we exchanged.

She wasn’t taking it that easy and plans to scandalize and expose my pictures if I don’t leave her husband. One word from my past could jeopardize this new connection.

I am still in school, but my boyfriend wants me to come and live in Kingston with him. My mother didn’t care much; she lives on the street and I don’t know my father.

I told my mother that I want to leave and surprisingly she asked where I would go, I told her that I am going to Kingston to stay with a friend and his wife.

She said that she wishes to meet my friend. I am now in hot water because i can’t tell my mom my friend and his wife have broken up.

I am left in a state where don’t know if I can be with this guy in a committed relationship due to my past life and experience. I felt dirty.

He would make the seventh man I have had s3x with in my lifetime.

He told me if I cheat on him, he would leave me and never come back so with that i am behaving myself.

I don’t know what to do because i am very young and have never lived with a man before, not even a father. I am afraid of the responsibility of taking care of him. Since I have been here, his wife came to the house and they had a big argument over me.

I became very uncomfortable and told him that he should take me home and talk to my mother on this situation.

Sometimes he would questions my past life, but I dare not to answer because I don’t want to sound like a bad girl who started having s3x at 15, which i did.

I had s3x with two of my male friends. They took turns in having s3x with me. It wasn’t rap3; we were just having fun.

I wish to go back to school, but this man is telling me I have to wait. He always fulfill his promises and things I ask of him.

What do you think I should do?

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