My boyfriend is fond of deleting me from his BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) whenever we have a little misunderstanding. To be honest most times the fault is from me, but usually when I ask him to forgive me after deleting me, he usually forgives and then re-add me.

But today he has removed me again and I have tried adding him back several times but he keeps on declining my request. Now I am so frustrated and I feel like not adding him again because I am tired of his deleting behaviour.

He loves me so much and I love him very much too but he always complains of my Nagging attitude and I have been working on it but I feel he should understand that I am only human hence changing myself would be a gradual process but the deleting has gone too far and his refusal to add me back has gotten me at my wits end.

I am so confused right now and don’t know what to do because BBM is the only social network where we are both members and it makes it very easy for us to always keep in touch with each other when we are not together.

I am so confused right now and don’t know what else to do so I want to know is it right for me to still continue sending him requests to re-add me to his friends list or should I just leave it as it is since he has declined me several times today and does it mean he is fed up with me?
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