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I am in my mid twenties and in my final year in the university. As a freshman I met a girl through my sister and since then we have been dating. I am older than her with 4 years.

Although I was the one who disvirgined her, she has so far cheated with four different guys.

Initially she lied about her affairs and claimed that she only slept with one guy and pleaded for forgiveness I did forgive her only for me to find out that she actually slept with the other three guys.

I made her confess with the pretense that I wanted everything to be in the past. During a strike action by our university’s lecturers, she left campus to spend the weekend with one of the guys, who happens to be my old friend and resides in the same house with her.

He was also a friend to her older brother. She has since pleaded with me to forgive her and although I cannot seem to forget especially anytime I set my eyes on her. I really feel betrayed because this is a girl I never for once thought of cheating on.

Since I found out about her escapades she has been doing everything to please and pacify me; she even refused marrying a man her parents wanted her to marry because of me. The problem is that I cant seem to forget all that has happened because I do not trust her any more.

Despite the fact that I still love her, I cannot bear all she did to hurt me and it is slowly killing the love I have for her. Please what is the wisest thing to do at this point?

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