I love women with big

I am s3xually attracted to women with large br3asts. Almost every time I see a woman out in public with big br3asts I get s3xually aroused. And I even pray to the Lord to give me a wife with big br3asts. I know a lot of people will say that I should not marry a woman just for her big br3asts or s3xy body, but I should marry a woman for her character or inner beauty.

I do believe the character of the woman is important, however I am a man and I have s3xual desires that need to be met. I consider my s3xual desires being satisfy as important also. I don’t want to marry a skinny woman with small br3asts. If I do I will be miserable. I need a nice, solid woman with big br3asts. Do you think something is wrong with me? Do you think I have an addiction of women with large br3asts? Or is it just normal of being a man with a preference to women with large br3asts?





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