I am 62 years old and I have been reading your column for a long time. I am married, but my wife practically lives in America. She comes and goes as she pleases. I don’t like living alone, but that is what I have found myself doing. I am still s3xually active, so women are always here.

Whenever my wife is coming, all these girls know that they have to take themselves away from my house. But, there is a big problem that I am having. One of the girls is pregnant and she has called my name. And, it has gotten to my daughter, who asked me about it. I denied it to the ground, but , I know in my heart that the child is mine.

This girl is only 21 years old. Her mother told me that nobody has to know. She said that I should just give them $100,000 and forget it. I told them that I will give them $50,000. She is not keeping her tongue because she has told two other girls that she is pregnant. I know I had s3x with her. I made a mistake by not using the condom, but how could I be sure that the child is mine?

Do you think I should just give her the money and let her go? I know she is pregnant. Some of these girls lie. It could be a younger man who got her pregnant. If I were younger it wouldn’t bother me, but I am going to embarrass my children, especially my daughter. I am going to run all of these girls from the house, and I am going to insist that my wife comes home for good because I cannot do without a woman.

What is your advice?

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