I am a 25 yr old male with a problem in dating/s3x I cant figure out.

I am finishing medical school this year. I put in a lot of work/long hours to get where I am. I go to the gym try new hobbies etc.

I was shy in high school,got better in college but not where I want to be. Ive had some bad rejections by women along the way. Had a girlfriend in high school too soon to have s3x with.
Ive only had s3x with one girl a few times. I don’t feel confident s3xually. I have had foreplay with a handful of girls where I always put the girl first since its such a rare opportunity for me so I get good feedback.

The few times I meet a girl that likes me she always wants something very long term and I dont have the dating experience/don’t want to lie to them to want to settle down now.
I missed out on a college experience and have this thought that I need to have casual s3x to practice for a girl I really like. Plus it would make me very insecure since most girls already my age have plenty of experience with s3x.

That makes it even more intimidating to approach them. Im kind of kicking myself because my friends have a good amount of casual s3x and I feel less masculine than them.

I guess I’m asking if its ok to go out now and try to have casual s3x to gain confidence and if its understandable what I’m feeling in my position?

I don’t want the next girl I meet to be the one I end up with since I have little ability to compare what I like in women both in a relationship and in s3x.

Also there is some self loathing with the lack of s3xual partners that would make a relationship with a girl with a lot more experience tougher.

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