Ok so my MIL (mother-in-law) watches our 4month old daughter every Tuesday for us while we are at work. During that time she also takes it upon herself to go in our closed bedroom door and do our laundry as well as clean other stuff around the house! I keep a clean house, but not immaculate like hers. Yes, GASP, i do have laundry in my hamper!!!

Yesterday I came home to my thongs as well as other laundry folded on our bed!!! I was beyond furious! This is the second week she has done this and each time when i come home i say to her , ‘Oh you really REALLY don’t need to do our laundry!” and she completely ignores me.

My husband doesn’t see a thing wrong with this and says that his mom is just trying to help, and that “it is his house too, as well as his laundry” EXCUSE ME?!?!

I understand that she is just trying to help but i take offense to her cleaning my house and doing my laundry!! Its like im not good enough of a wife or mother and that she has to step in! Not to mention, i want her to spend time with my DD, not clean!

I don’t know what to do because she will be beyond offended if i say something to her, even if its in a nice way, even if its my husband who says something to her.

Also, i feel that this is causing some resentment from me towards my husband for taking his moms side and not mine or at least respecting my feelings!

I need some advise PLEASE!!!!!!! Also, am i over reacting? Would you be offended?

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