A lot of things have been said concerning women and virginity.

We have been told, taught and lectured on how to recognise a woman with virginity and vice versa.

I will also want to know how ladies can know if a man is a virgin or not.

What are those features and characteristics the man would show for us to conclude if he’s a virgin or not.

I’m 17 years old and my boyfriend and I had sex last week. I had lied to him that I was a virgin. I didn’t want to lose him, so I lied to him. He is now mad at me and I also doubt that he was a virgin either because the way he ‘sexed’ me was out of this world. I had never been sexed like that before.

I’m pretty sure he is way more experienced than most married men, but he claimed that he is still a virgin. By the way he is 26 years old. Please help me know how I can find if a man is still a virgin or not.

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