Hi Aunty,

I’m a very bitter woman. I’m a 28-year-old single mother who looks after a 10-year-old boy. I have been dating this married man for the past 3 weeks. He lives in a small town that’s about 100km away from the city where I’m resident. He is my pain killer when I’m not with my main boyfriend who is also struggling to make ends meet

Last week he invited me to his home town for an all-night sex session. I lied to my official boyfriend that I was going to the rural areas for the weekend to see my grandmother. Luckily he didn’t suspect anything fishy. I told my second boyfriend that I didn’t have money for transport and he only sent money enough for my bus fare, and said that’s all he had in his mobile money account. He promised to give me more money once I arrived. He didn’t even used his own mobile number to send me the money, now it’s making sense why he did so. He didn’t want me to know his real phone number

We spent the whole night making love. In my entire life I have never been raved life that. He must have consumed some sex enhancing pills because up to now I still don’t want to have sex with anyone. What frustrated me the most is that at around 6am, he said he was going to look for food and that was it. That’s how he disappeared, without even paying me a single cent. How could he ride me the whole night for free like that, and worse off live me stranded without bus fare. Since then his phone number which he was using to communicate with me is offline, and I don’t have any other means of communicating with him.

I had to lie to my other boyfriend again that I found my gogo (grandmother) not feeling too well at the village, so we used all the money towards medication. He then borrowed some money to send me so that I could return home.

Now my request to all of you is, if there is anyone out there who knows a good sangoma who can fix this man for me, please let me know. I am willing to pay in cash or kind because I want to fix this man. I also thought of reporting to police that he had raped me, but I was scared of getting arrested since we spent the night at a lodge. So the best way is to use supernatural powers to fix him.

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