Hi aunty Lisa,

I have a problem, there is this girl I was dating and I really loved her and I still do even now.

She broke up with me because I have trust issues. I want her but back but she has moved on with another person, so how do I get her back because I tried everything and nothing seems to work?

Hi my friend,

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I’m sorry to hear that you have parted ways with the girl you loved so much. I know how it feels, but unfortunately we have all gone through it at some stage in life.

Since you said you have tried everything to get her back into your life, then I presume some of the solutions that I was going to suggest have already been exhausted. Nonetheless, I suggest that you ask her to accept you just as a friend, which I hope she would be fine with. Once you become friends, avoid pressurising her to give you another chance, giving women so much pressure when it comes to relationships is not a good idea. As time goes on, whilst you are still friends she might realise that you have changed and eventually decide to give you another chance.

Also note that if she believes that her new boyfriend is the best she has had so far, then she is highly unlikely to go back to any of her previous boyfriends (yourself included). At times we have have to deal with the reality.

I have heard a number of people saying there are perfumes and charms that can be used to get back any lost love. Aunty Lisa would never recommend that. Natural love is always the bet way to enjoy a relationship.

I would also recommend that you do a self-introspection of what caused the two of you to part ways. If the problem was on your side, then fix it before you get into your next relationship. If the problem was on her side, well there is not much you can do about it.

Lastly, also consider moving on with your life, just as much as she has moved on. You said you have tried all you could to get her back but to no avail, which shows that she has moved on and she seems to be enjoying herself in her new relationship. That shows that you too could enjoy yourself in your new relationship. Yes first cut is the deepest, but there is always someone out there who truly loves you the way you are and is willing to go through it all with you right till the end of the road.

Good luck my dear, wish you all the best.


Aunty Lisa

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