I would like to thank you for this platform. I have a big problem please help me.

My brother is married with children and for quite some time he cheated on his wife. This small house (girlfriend) knew that my brother was married but she was not deterred.

My brother’s wife got wind of this and went mad. My brother had to lie that this girl was going out with me. My sister-in-law wanted to beat her up but she could not, she knew we had tricked her and she was so unhappy. I asked the girlfriend if she knew whether my brother was married or not?

Her response was that she did not know, but surprisingly even after this near fight with my brother’s wife she continued to sleep with my brother. My brother put me in a tight corner by making me pretend to be this girl’s boyfriend. It was tough and tempting. I ended up sleeping with this girl too, behind my brother’s back. In short she was bedding the two of us.

The problem is this girl is now pregnant, she has eloped to our house and my brother maintained his lie, so now I’m in deep sh!t. Our family does not want to accept this girl because they all know about her affair with my brother.

My sister-in-law is baying for her blood and I am stuck in the middle. The child she is caring may not even be mine. I do not want to marry this woman she is not my girl and what kind of a wife will she make? I used to be the go-between when she was dating my brother, now she wants to be my wife.

No I cannot do that. She is the reason why I no longer see eye to eye with my brother’s wife. When my brother comes over to our parents’ home where I am staying with this girl the situation is just tense and miserable and her parents are breathing fire.  Please help how do I come out of this?

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