Hi Aunty Lisa,

My problem is a social one and I hope you are able to assist me. I’m a 33-year-old woman who has been married for the past five years and I have two children.

My husband is not employed, and I’m the one who looks after the family. I’m also the one who pays rentals and I know how painful it is to be a tenant. So for that reason, for the past 3 years I have been raising funds to buy either a stand or a house. The money that I have raised so far is enough to get myself a stand in a middle-density suburb.

My challenge is that my husband now wants me to buy the stand and register his name only as the owner of the stand, yet there is not even a cent from him. What if he dumps me tomorrow? And why would I register the stand in his name only when it’s my money? If he had suggested that we register using both our names it would be better.

Aunty, I have decided to just buy the stand in my own name, even though he has threatened to divorce me for being disobedient. Do you think this is a good idea? I really need your help.


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