The mother of my two children (a son and a daughter) does not want me to check on the kids at all and she doesn’t allow them to visit me.

I was instructed to pay P300-00 every month for child-maintenance but I was unemployed and unable to pay for many months.

Fortunately I got another job about four months ago and have started paying what I owe for the previous months. I am really trying my best to do what is right…but my ex is bitter and is making life very difficult for me…so much so that I’m always scared she’ll have me arrested for the months I did not pay maintenance.

Dear Aunty Lisa

I’m losing weight because of this issue and I have many sleepless nights just thinking about my children, whom I love very much.

I know fully well that as a father they are my responsibility and I would like to pay regularly until I have finished paying off the child-maintenance debt and of course continue to pay the monthly installment as agreed.

This case was heard at Lobatse court. How do I go about making arrangements to pay an affordable amount on a monthly basis, now that I have a job?

My son doesn’t get along very well with his mum and wants to come and stay with me but the mother is refusing. I think she’s just trying to make me feel the pinch because we’re no longer on good terms.

I don’t want to fight with her; I just want us to behave like adults and act in the best interests of our children. It seems she forgets that her hostile attitude towards me is hurting not only me but the children too.

She just wants child-maintenance from me but will not allow me to bond with my children and play a meaningful role in their young lives.

I really need help to address this issue but I earn very little (P1 100-00 per month) and therefore cannot afford a lawyer.

The school holidays and festive season will be upon us soon and I know that as always the children, especially my son, will want to spend the holidays with me but their mother will refuse as usual.

What can I do in order to gain access to my children as their mother seems hell-bent on keeping us apart? Please advise urgently.

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