Dear Aunty Lisa,

My 20-year old daughter was in a relationship with a young man on campus who is also a student. She ended the relationship with this guy as they were always having issues and started a new relationship with another guy who treated her better.

The problem is that when she was dating this first guy called Austin, she would send him her naked pictures. I don’t know why in the name of God she did that. I hear it is now a very common practise amongst young people.

So, to punish my daughter, this wicked Austin opened a facebook account with her name using one of her naked pictures as the profile photo and sends it out to all her friends. I got to know about this after receiving an invitation.

Immediately I called my daughter, she broke down in tears and told me the whole story. I feel bad that she was involved in sexton as I hear they call it now. I feel worse that she has been humilited for being naive. I don’t how she will get over this. Let this serve as a warning to young girls out there. Why are ladies the only ones sending their naked picture? But those guys will never send you their picture. Be smart. Never trust a man who asks for your naked photo.


Due to the nudity of the pictures, our server could not upload them.

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