Dear Aunty Lisa,

My dad died a few years ago and since then it’s been just me and mum.

Now, my mum has this brother who she asked to help me with some money to return back to school. I am in my third year at Fort-Hare University. Since my dad died, life has been a struggle. Uncle Thabani has always been there for my mum, so it wasn’t out of place that my mum to sent me to him.

I went to Uncle Thabani’s office early that very day at about 2 p.m but he told me to wait. I sat down and waited, brought out a book from my bag to read. I must have waited for a very long time because by the time Uncle Thabani was ready for me, we were the only ones left in his office. His staff had all gone home one by one. When I checked the time it was 7pm. Then, Uncle Thabani came and sat right next to me. He held my hand and started caressing it, from there he put his arms around me. I felt very uncomfortable so I got up immediately.

He got up too and tried to grab me like he was going to hug me, telling me that I was not a little girl anymore. Then I knew something was wrong, so I backed away from him. He started coming towards me and I kept backing away until he was chasing me round and round in his office.

I told him that I just came to get the money he promised my mum to give me for school as I had to travel back the next day. But that wasn’t important to him. He had other things on his mind. He kept trying to grab me and I kept resisting. When I saw that he was bent on having his way, I ran out of his office after managing to grab my bag.

I left his office that day crying, dissappointed, angry but happy. Even though I had no money with me and had no idea how I would return to school, I was happy. I was happy that my dignity was not tarnished. I returned home but couldn’t summon the courage to tell my mum. I cooked up a lie as an excuse which made her very furious.

But I’m thinking, should I have told my mum? I don’t want to come between her and her brother who has been so very kind to her since my dad died. What do you think?

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