Hello aunty Lisa,

I trust you had a fabulous Christmas Holiday. Thank you for creating such a platform that helps lots of people and provides solutions for their situations, some of them life-threatening.

I’m a married woman aged 30. I got married 2 years ago to a rich man who was doing everything for me. But as you know, most wealthy guys love women too much, and they cheat a lot. So I was scared of losing my boyfriend, whom I had already caught several times in compromising positions with different women.

As a security measure, I decided to fall pregnant and elope, but despite having unprotected sex with him always, he never managed to impregnate me. Since I desperately wanted to get married to him, I was impregnated by my ex boyfriend and I lied that the rich guy was responsible. He couldn’t deny since we were having unprotected sex almost daily.

It’s been a year since my baby is born. The problem that I’m now facing is that every night I dream of his dead parents ordering me to confess to their son of what I did or else they will continue haunting me in my dreams. Sleeping is now a painful experience and I really wish there was nothing called a night. I have gone to several sangomas and prophets, but they all tell me to confess to my husband so that my deceased in-laws may forgive me.

I am not willing to make such a confession because my marriage will immediately collapse and my ex-boyfriend will never accept me, neither is he in a position to look after his child. Aunty please help me, what can I do to make my husband at least impregnate me this time. I am still trying to get impregnated by him but all efforts have failed dismally. At least if I have a child with him I may be in a position to tell him what happened, that is if i continue having these night mares.

Looking forward to getting your prompt response.

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