Dear Aunty Lisa,

My name is David. I am 28-years-old, single, and reside in Durban. My 68-years-old father is a traditional chief in our autonomous community and has to alternate between Durban and our home town Cape Town.

My mother who is the official wife, stays with him in village while he has a younger wife who is based in Durban. Theresa, my father’s wife, is about 30 years old and works in a bank.

She is a very pretty lady, dresses well and carries herself with great comportment but due to her work, she stays out late and being that I live at home, I do not find this attitude of hers worthy of a married woman, especially one married to a traditional ruler.

Then I began to hear rumours of her escapades with men and at first, I discountenanced them until a very close friend informed me that he had seen her several times going into a particular hotel in Durban with one man or the other.

I decided to find out the truth and now, I wish I did not because I actually caught my step mother with another man in the hotel my friend told me.

And not just going to the hotel with the man, she actually spent two days there after she had told everyone at home that she was traveling to Pretoria for an official duty.

Now my dilemma is this: should I tell my father that his young wife is sleeping with other men? Would he believe me or would I turn out to be the black sheep in this issue? Some of my friends say I should tell my father but I am still undecided. What should i do?


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