Dear Aunty Lisa,

Do people know that your ex girlfriend can love and worship you in a romantic way but still just be friends with you? I think my ex thinks that he’s saving me from heartache by saying we can’t be friends now (since I said I still love him)…I told him I just want him in my life even if it’s just as a friend…

I taught him how to, how to treat a woman well, how to love your woman. I even gave him good sex big time, but now he is doiong it on another woman who’s not me.

Maybe he said it’s too early for that because he thinks, like many others, that I can’t be a friend because I still love and worship him like he floats on air…which he does… Every friendship is not going to be the same. And just because I am very emotional and expressive and poetic to him many times doesn’t tar or stop a real friendship from brewing.

He even has a girlfriend now and even while I love him I said I wish them the best and I totally meant it. I wish they stay together as long as they desire. Even if that means forever and I never get My chance with him again. As long as he’s happy. There is so much shame people on here throw at me… Not enough acceptance.

Dear Friend,

Thank you so much for reaching out to Aunty Lisa, where ypou get professional help for free!

You say that but he knows that you are lying to yourself. You know that it will hurt you when he gets a girlfriend. It has to if you have feelings anywhere near how much you say. You are hanging on hoping he will want you back. Maybe but not likely you can be friends years from now, but not now. You need to move on.

It’s unfortunate you didn’t tell us how you broke up, but that may have helped us understanhd what happened in the first place. Anyways, I suggest you move on and forget about loving him. It will hurt you more to keep on trying to be “friends” with him when he longre wants anything to do with you. Believe you me, you will eventually get a new boyfriend who will truly love you and make you feel like the world’s best girlfriend. It’s hard to meet such a person and award him a chance to prove to you that he truly loves you when you are still holding on to your ex boyfriend. You said he already has a new girlfriend, so it’s now your turn to get a new boyfriend too and let sleeping dogs lie.


Aunty Lisa

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