Dear Friends,

How do I get hard and ejacu.late without watching internet por.n? I am a 14 year old boy.


Garrett’s reply:
Big secret: PORN was not widely available until the mid 1990s. before then videos were hard to come by and many cities made x rated magazines illegal. So guys did what guys have done for thousands of years– used their own imaginations and get off that way. Enjoy your own body, all you need to do. No need for porn. By the way- the significance of the mid-1990s? The internet became widely available and that started the porn boom

Gillian’s reply:
Hey! Well, Noone can really answer that but you. You know yourself better in that way than anyone else would or does. Just find or think of something that excites you, or gets you in the mood, and go with that. to chat. Some people read sexy or erotic stories, some people look at pictures, Some people read sexy magazines, some people watch videos of sexual acts, etc. Hope this helps! Take care, and Good Luck! 🙂

Sipho’s reply:
Think about your crush. I stopped watching for a couple months ago and I feel like my masturbation has gotten better mainly because I get to focus on my body more rather than video. Not to mentioned I started shoving a dildo up my *** as well.

Julius M’s reply:
Get some olive oil and masturbate to the thought of you naked with the sexiest person you can imagine. Then imagine that person touching your penis…caressing it! Imagine you asking them to gently put it in their mouth as their tongue gently glides around the rim of the head of your shaft. You can take it from there….. 🙂

Peter’s reply:
Ask your mom for help. Don’t bother us with such stupid topics.

Pastor Chris’ reply:
Turn to God and repent before it’s too late my child. What you are thinking of is what the bible calls fornication. It’s a sin that will lead you to hell where you will burn,. burn and burn like no man’s business. Besides, you are still too young to think about sex. What happened to your books?

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