I want a baby but i’m a still teenager! Before you’re quick to judge read this all please. I need your help!

I’m 16 and have been wanting a baby for OVER a year now. And NOTHING has changed my mind. I watch tons of baby shows and look up things about babies all the time! I’m great with kids and everyone thinks so. I know a lot of people say about money, age, school, etc.

As for money, that would be the hardest. But i do have some saved up and i have ideas on how to get more (selling things, and a job)
As for school goes i’m homeschooled but dropping out to get my GED when i’m 16 (really soon) so that wouldn’t be a problem.
No, I don’t have a boyfriend and yes i’m a virgin.

I KNOW it would be hard but I know a lot of people who’ve had a baby from the ages of 15-19 and they struggle but they do it and are happier then ever.

I would have support from some family members.

I stay up late and wouldn’t mind the baby crying, needing bottles, diaper changed, burping, etc.

Please NO HATE COMMENTS. Just help me out 🙂 Ask if you have any questions!

I’m not stupid and when I get my High School certificate I’m going to get a good job. not work at KFC/Chicken Inn/McDonals/Nandos etc. I know a lot more about raising kids then you all think! BE NICE.

NB: Before you insult me, and call me a B!TCH, just know that your mother is one too, hence you were born!

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