Hello Aunty Lisa…

I’m a 22 year old man and I Hate Women with all my heart. My entire life I have been ignored, pushed to the side, and not seen as a viable mate by women.

I was born into a poor family, and haven’t had much my whole life. I was also a shy nerdy kid in school that always got bullied. Women and men alike made fun of me and hurt me both emotionally and physically from elementary to the end of high school.

However, the tables have slightly turned in college. Although women still mock me and see me as a nonviable mate because I am still poor, I work diligently and get good grades in all my classes. I have chosen to double major in the very difficult fields of mathematics and physics because I think the end payoff will be bigger.

All this time being treated as an inferior male not worthy of love and sex by women has made me hate them. My plan is to finish college undergrad in both of my disciplines, then advance to medical school, then take out a little revenge on women in general.

Women will want to be with me because I will have money by then, and I plan to use women for sex and discard them like trash for all the past emotional and psychological pain they have wrought upon me.

Any advice aunty?

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