Girls and Women please be honest how important is the size of a guy's pen_is to you?

From Lisa:
I'm a girl and I think size matters. Why would you have se_x with someone and you can't really feel him in there. Maybe another girl disagrees but if I has a partner before and he had a bigger di_ck and this new guy is considerably smaller. I will always compare I'm sorry but it's the truth. You can't compensate se_x for anything. Not money not cars not even love. Because if you love someone and he gives you everything but because of his size he can't satisfy you. You will seek fulfillment elsewhere. True that

From Kaylee:
I'm 17 and still a vir_gin so i honestly don't know what pen_is size i would really prefer, however, i do think a lot about se_x and i personally believe that if i were to have se_x with someone i would much rather prefer having an average sized pen_is over a small or big one. i feel as though a big di_ck would just be too much for me and a small one might not be enough for me. my advice to you though is not to worry too much about it because yeah, a di_ck the size of a pinky wouldn't be much fun but from what i've heard, it's more about the clitoral stimulation for women.

From Sophie:
Hi I'm a girl and yeah I guess size does matter but not massively important like it's just a bonus. I'd say looks is 50{863ae21f3883e951777bdbc8607717246c41fed58c5a71d477243a35f9718ce7} personality is 30{863ae21f3883e951777bdbc8607717246c41fed58c5a71d477243a35f9718ce7} and di_ck size is 20{863ae21f3883e951777bdbc8607717246c41fed58c5a71d477243a35f9718ce7}

From Tanya:
They say the guy thinks about his pen_is size more than the girl does. Most won't even care.

From Ellen:
Based on surveys and knowledge of my genetics and what I've gathered appropriately or inadvertently, I notice guys with smaller pen_ises are more sensitive, more heart on the sleeve, more loyal, and among other things more respectful towards most women. In contrast, the ones with larger pen_ises are more confident, more competitive, more athletic, more agile, tougher and more dominant The difference is correlated to testosterone levels

I can't speak for what women want because it goes by personality but that's what you are deciding between. Which would you prefer. I am not ashamed of being on the small side one bit.

From Sparkie:
I want a man with a regular or large sized one. Not that I can really ask a guy I like if they mind if I have a look at their pen_is to make sure that it's not small.

From Lucia:
Dude, don't even worry about it. There's nothing you can do about your pen_is size, so don't dwell on it. Just let whatever happen, happen. I've never heard of anyone getting dumped over pen_is size. Worst case scenario, you learn the art of cunnilingus and hope they don't have an STD.

From Peter:
Girls who judge over a man's pen_is size are who_res. I have a small pen_is but I fu_ck much better than those with bigger pen_ises.

From Cherish:
Im a girl okay so listen. I date one guy only in my life for 3 years and honestly i never even thought about his pen_is. Not that i wasnt interested in him, but i never cared about the size or anything. If someone truly loves you that wouldnt matter. But yeah his big pen_is means more fun.  Honestly the size doesnt matter so dont worry.

From Edna:
As long as it's not under 4 inches nor more than 6-1/2 inches long, then it's just right. It's not how much you have; it's how you use it!

From Bev:
Penis size is Very, very very important to me! Because if it's small thenI can't feel it, I don't enjoy having se_x at all if a man has a small di_ck. And then the relationship isn't complete for me. If you have a small manhood then be certain that I'm going to dump you! No two ways about it.

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