Hello aunty Lisa,

I don’t think my sister is normal. She’s younger than me okay but, it’s the way she acts. She says things a sex starved guy would say. She’s 16 and she’s always horny for some reason. The way she talks disgusts me. She even knows stuff married women don’t, including how to make a man scream in bed during sex. She talks so nasty in her text messages. She mentions things like deepthroating, anal sex, and fingering herself.

I caught her masturbating once. Ughhh!!!!! I don’t know what’s gotten into her. I had my asshole boyfriend over and she was flirting with him. She walks around the house half naked all the time. She had on some shorts but, they were very low on her waist. U can see her thong & she had on this tanktop that, you can see right through. She even offered my boyfriend free sex and vowed she would make my boyfriend come within 2 minutes.

She had on no bra because, her nipples were showing. She was sitting at the table eating cereal with her legs open & my asshole boyfriend was staring at her. She was smiling at him saying like what you see? I was so pissed & I wanted to slap her in the face. I admit, she is very pretty. I think she looks better than me. She’s got beautiful hair and curvy buttocks. I really hope she’s not having sex with my boyfriend.

She’s been seeing this guy for a few weeks. Do you think she’s sexually active? Why is she so horny all the time?

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