Okay so I’m 15 and he’s 16 and I’ve never kissed anyone but he has. We’ve been hanging out a lot but he still hasn’t kissed me and I don’t want to make the first move because I don’t know what to do!! Is this normal? Or is it my breath.


My boyfriend and I were in the same stage like not even 2 weeks ago! All I did was, tell him I wanted to take a step further and he wanted to as well.. We then talked about it and one day we both leaned and BAZINGA! Kiss. 3 Just fucking go for it and dont be a pussy about it…

Hun, I think you should lead the way the way if you think hes nervous or to shy. If you want him to kiss u then I’d say u try telling him or telling him that u really like him and u want u want it to last and he’ll get feelings and want to kiss you

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