I looked on my dad’s phone recently while I was trying to show him something on the internet and I found a tab for a sex website.

Just the other day i saw him holding his phone masterbating.

I looked it up afterwards and you need a premium account to actually contact people, and he has a free account.

While I’m glad he doesn’t know how to work it properly, I can’t get the thought of that website and him being on it out of my head.

Has he cheated on my mum in the past or is he just looking for attention to make himself feel manly? Or is he planning to cheat on my mum? What do you think?

Aunty Lisa says

The only person who can answer those questions is your dad.

There’s even a chance your mum knows about it and it’s something they do together.

But I understand it’s shocking to find something like that and sparks lots of fears.

If you’re really stressing over it, the only thing you can do is ask him about it (obviously not in a room full of people).

Try saying: “I saw this on your phone when I was helping you, and I’ve been worrying about what it means for you and mum”.

He might be embarrassed and even a bit angry, but he’ll have to address it for you.

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