I feel bad saying this because i love her so much but its getting hard to lie to her and to myself; its like im in denial about her physical appearance, i tell my myself she’s beautiful but shes just not beautiful…actually shes FAR FAR rom beautiful. what can I do?

I always thought my kids would be beautiful because im pretty and my husband is pretty good looking. my older daughter whom is 15 is gorgeous and i tell her all the time. i sometimes tell my younger daughter who is 13 that shes beautiful but its a lie and its been getting harder and harder for me to lie so i am thinking of not telling her that anymore. it’s just hard to tell an ugly person that they are beautiful when they are not.


Jiller G
You talk about your daughter like you find her disgusting. You sound like a bully…a *****. You are being very shallow ( or narcissistic, or both).

What I really think you should do is shut up, because I have a suspicion that you are nothing but a detriment to her. She is only 13, nowhere near done growing, and you are already judging her. I hope you do better, or she gets away.

She could be beautiful, and you could be wrong (blind), or just judging too harshly. But beauty is not everything. We are all the same inside. She might live a different life, but she will live an amazing life, and have interesting relationships, with people who truly find her beautiful.

Manny P
Two beautiful people don’t always makes something beautiful. Now she can be beautiful just not in appearance like she can be smart and have a beautiful brain. She’s young telling her she’s ugly is kinda wrong just find something else to call her like silly, smart or wonderful.

It isn’t a lie. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, i have had girls tell me that i am the most gorgeous man they have ever met but to others i am straight up ugly. So to you she may be ugly but to someone else she is a vision and a goddess.

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