My first boyfriend broke up with me a long time ago and I promised myself that I would not be angry with him. I continued with my life and worked on improving myself. Then his neighbour fell in love with me and I just could not resist him. However, the relationship did not go well and we broke up. Now they are both fighting over me. Each one says I’m his wife. I’m very confused about who to choose. My first boyfriend was really bad, but says he is now a changed man. The second one was warmish, but he often hurt me. I don’t know what to do.” – Zandile Nzama
Stop confusing yourself and move on with your life, because both guys are not worth it. You need a man that will love and respect you in all respects. If I were you, I wouldn’t even bother giving the first one a chance because that type of person never changes. If you really must choose, I think you should give it a try with the second one, the “warmish” one. But I am warning you that each time you have a fight, he will remind you that you were first involved with his neighbour. Good luck!

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