“I have been married for 30 years. My husband is 50 and he says he does not feel anything for any women. I do not believe him because he had a number of affairs in the past. On Saturday nights he watches pornography. When I speak to him or try to touch him he turns the other way and does not respond. Is he cheating on me? He also says he does not get an erection when he touches me. I feel very lonely.” – Heartbroken
Aunty Lisa says
Your husband is letting you know very clearly that he is having sexual difficulties. Try to put aside your own feelings of rejection, confusion and anger, and think about him for a moment. When men are about the age of 50, their sexuality changes. They think less about sex and they feel less desire for sex. They have difficulty getting their erections as easily as in the past and they take longer to ejaculate. If he has drunk too much all his life, smokes, eats unhealthy food and does not exercise, chances are he will have sexual difficulties. If a man is healthy at 50, it is less likely he will experience these changes.This is a typical response from a man who is having erection problems. He avoids you because he is embarrassed and afraid. He probably knows he cannot penetrate you and believes he cannot satisfy you. No man enjoys losing his sexual confidence. Put aside your feeling of hurt and betrayal and rather talk to your man to find the truth. Be a wife who is concerned about her man and willing to be by his side while he seeks help.

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