“My daughter and husband treat me like their puppet and I live in fear of my husband. I take pills to keep calm. I suffer from panic attacks and I’m even afraid to travel by bus or train. It’s worse now that my daughter expects me to look after her children although she knows I don’t have the strength. Everybody tells me what to do and I always try to please them, but nothing ever works best for me. Help me to stop these people controlling my life.” – Belinda, Cape Town
Aunty Lisa says
This is really disturbing, I really feel for you. I think it is time that you started pleasing yourself first. Your family’s bad treatment has been going on too long. I strongly believe you need to talk to someone professional about it. Call the women-abuse toll free number 0800 150 150, Monday to Friday from 07am to 9pm. The advisers at this counselling service can help with issues, including marital and family problems, so be as open and honest as possible about your husband and daughter because the advice they provide will be based on what you tell them.  I don’t think your husband deserves you. When you have consulted advisers and start to feel better, you should think about your marriage. Maybe it’s time to move on with your life. I wish you all the best.

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