I’m pregnant and my boyfriend is stressing me. He blames me for his actions. He goes out with friends, and says it’s because I have too many male friends and he can’t deal with my nonsense. I don’t know what he’s talking about.
Aunty Lisa says
He comes across as an emotional abuser who blames you for his bad actions. He’s also taking advantage of your kindness and understanding, and you allow it. Don’t lose hope; take action to resolve this. I am concerned about the baby and you wanting an abortion. It’s about time you called this man to order, even it means including his parents.
Why did you allow a second pregnancy to happen with a man who treats you with no respect? You already have a child together and he still hasn’t popped the question? I understand why you are considering an abortion, and it is your choice. But just remember that the baby is not to blame for this state of affairs.

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